The Advantages Of An RTA Cabinet

There are many advantages of an RTA cabinet for your kitchen or bathroom.  A Ready To Assemble (RTA) cabinet is the middle man between expensive custom cabinets and low-end box store cabinets. With an RTA cabinet, you are getting a reasonable price while maintaining the beauty and quality of custom cabinets. In addition, unlike those stock cabinets, RTA cabinet has many customizable options to choose from.

More Advantages Of An RTA

As we stated earlier, price and options are a great advantage. But another advantage is availability. With a custom cabinet order, it can take weeks to months to receive your order. With RTA cabinets the waiting period is much shorter making them ideal for faster kitchen or bathroom remodels. When you order RTA cabinets from a reputable source such as RTA Cabinet Manufacturers, you can rest assured you are getting a quality product at a low price.

Another important advantage that many overlook, is the ease of transporting the cabinets. A large custom cabinet order is usually preassembled at the warehouse and has to be shipped with extra care. When it comes to an RTA cabinet, they are little more versatile and shipping and delivery is almost never an issue. By being able to ship as a flat pack, it lessens the chance of damage during shipping.

RTA Cabinet Assembly

When contractors or homeowners are on a tighter budget, having professionally hung cabinets can become rather costly. But with an RTA cabinet, they are much easier and reasonable to hang yourself, thus saving you money. We offer a whole lineup of RTA cabinet brands. The Stonehenge brand, made right here in the U.S.A. boasts many customizable features as well as quality construction.

Finally, request your quote today and find out why RTA cabinets are some of the best you can own.

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