There is a process to ordering RTA cabinets. Typically the first step is consultation with customer. This will insure that RTA Cabinet Manufacturers is able to manufacture the style of cabinet customer has requested. Also it will allow us to go over our process and lead time to manufacture their order.

Upon receipt of the completed copy of our Cabinet order form it is reviewed. So if needed we contact the customer to clarify any specifications that we have question about. With the completed order form we are then able to develop a quotation. We then present this to the customer within the same day of receiving order form. All quotations are in writing and sent via fax or email to customer for their review. Typically there is request from customer to add or delete options upon initial review of quote. Which is typically responded to with updated quote within hours.

Upon our receipt of signed copy of our quotation we then produce our manufacture paperwork. This is the actual invoice and packing list, all with the projected ship date on all of these documents. We again send a copy of Invoice and Packing List to customer and it is at this time that full payment is released to RTA Cabinet Manufacturers which is the last process required for us to release manufacture paperwork to factory to process the order.

Ordering RTA Cabinets and Fulfillment

The day we ship completed order we send the customer a copy of the weigh bill which confirms date of shipment, the carrier used, and the weigh bill number for tracking their shipment. Beginning the next morning and every morning up to day of delivery, we receive track update from carrier via email which we forward to the customer. Once delivery is made, carrier sends me email with this confirmation.

We take our customer satisfaction very seriously, so we are very thorough with the ordering process. Also we like to take measures to ensure that our cabinet orders are filled correctly and on time!

Ordering RTA Cabinets


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