RTA Cabinets Made In The USA

When looking for RTA cabinets made in the USA, look no further than RTA Cabinet Manufacturers. An RTA cabinet is different from an assembled cabinet because an RTA (ready to assemble) cabinet needs to assemble on the location. The major benefit RTA cabinets have over assembled cabinets is usually the price. Of course, there are other benefits to an RTA cabinet, which we will cover.

Benefits of RTA Cabinets Made In The USA

The one major benefit we already covered is the cost. But in addition to the cost, there are some other benefits, the first being a shorter ship time.  Generally, an RTA cabinet is already in stock and ready to ship which is much faster than an assembled cabinet.  Because the cabinets are not prebuilt you have some wiggle room when installing. Our Stonehenge RTA cabinet is one of the best-fabricated boxes out there.

Our factory is located in Arkansas, right here in the USA. In addition, our all wood kitchen cabinets made in the USA and are easy to assemble. Also, our cabinets come with identification labels, pre-drilled screw holes, and easy locations for drawer guide mounting. This makes installation of our Stonehenge RTA cabinet a breeze.

We sell our RTA cabinets all over the country. In Texas, we have large clients that always buy their cabinets from us because of the quality product and fast delivery. If you live in Florida, we deliver there as well. Our clients in Florida, have always preferred our RTA cabinets over the competition. Also, we have an extensive line up of cabinets to choose from at reasonable prices and our orders always come in on time.

When it comes to all wood kitchen cabinets made in the USA, the clear choice is RTA Cabinet Manufacturer. Finally, when it comes to RTA Cabinets in Florida, Texas, or anywhere in the USA contact RTA Cabinets Manufacturers you will be glad you did!